Renault says Ampere sub-brand will reduce development time and costs for EVs: Here’s how – Times of India

Renault is aiming to make electric cars as affordable as traditional fuel-powered ones in Europe through its new venture, Ampere. Combining electric vehicles and software in the independent company Ampere will lead to shorter development times and lower costs, crucial in the face of competition from Tesla and Chinese carmakers.
The company envisions a “software-driven car” by 2026, utilizing a universal software package for various electric car models with centralized architecture.This allows for over-the-air updates and customer retention for servicing. The result is anticipated to be a 40% cost reduction in production costs by 2027-28 for the successor models to its Megane E-Tech and Scenic E-Tech.

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Renault also plans a small car priced under 20,000 euros, recognizing the expected reduction in cost differences between all-electric and traditional models as battery technology improves. CEO Luca de Meo emphasized the collaboration of technology and automotive engineers in Ampere, creating a synergy of both fields. He noted that Ampere would facilitate more independent decision-making, crucial in adapting to rapidly changing technology.
Renault is open to an initial public offering for Ampere, hived off on Nov. 1, while retaining a majority stake. The company projects Ampere to generate 10 billion euros annually with four vehicles, reaching 25 billion euros in 2031 with seven vehicles.

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