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NEW DELHI: A 72-year-old man from Sikkim who was suffering from chronic liver disease was successfully operated upon at a private hospital in Delhi. He had a massive tumour weighing 2.1 kg and measuring 26 cm engulfing the entire left lobe of the liver pushing against the stomach and diaphragm,
The patient was a high risk case having diabetes and cardiac comorbidities along with his age, said doctors.According to doctors at PSRI Hospital, where the surgery was conducted, the patient was initially diagnosed with chronic liver disease and a sizable liver tumour.
Doctors said when the patient arrived in the hospital, he was in pain. He had abdominal swelling and he was not even able to eat. He was diagnosed with a massive tumour just three months ago. He was getting treatment in a local hospital before coming to Delhi. A biopsy report confirmed it was a cancerous tumour.
Dr Manoj Gupta, head of liver transplant and surgical gastroenterology at PSRI Hospital, said that the surgery was conducted on October 23 and the patient was discharged six days post surgery without any complications. He was kept in ICU for two days to monitor his situation.
“Not only surgery, post-operative management was also challenging in this case due to his medical condition,” he said, adding that no postoperative complications took place and the patient is doing well.
The team at PSRI Hospital conducted a four-hour long surgery. The procedure, requiring three units of blood transfusion, proved successful.
Dr Gupta added, “This surgery was a rare and challenging feat, given the high-risk nature of the patient. The tumour has been successfully removed. We are optimistic that this intervention will pave the way for a healthier and fulfilling life for the patient.”
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